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Using Your Home Equity to Buy Another House: Is it a Smart Move?

 5-MINUTE READ  March 18, 2024


Hey there! Have you ever thought about buying a second home? Maybe for vacations, as an investment? Did you know you could use the equity you've built up in your current home to make that dream a reality?

Want to buy a second home but not sure how to finance it? Well, if you're a homeowner in the U.S., you might have around $200,000 sitting in your home's equity. That's like having a pile of cash waiting for you to use! You can use this money to pay off high-interest debt, fix up your home, or yes, even buy another house.

But wait, is it a good idea? Let's break it down.

According to experts like Shannon Eney, Vice President of Mortgage Lending with Mutual of Omaha Mortgage, using your home equity to buy another house is a pretty cool option.

So, how can you do it?

One way is to obtain a home equity loan. This is like a second mortgage, where you borrow money based on the equity you've built up in your home. The cool thing is that you can get this money without affecting your current mortgage. Plus, the interest rates are usually lower than other types of loans.

Why is this a good idea? Well, let's talk benefits:

  • Flexibility: With a home equity loan, you can use the money for pretty much anything you want, including buying that second home. And if you have some cash left over, you can use it to fix up your new place.

  • Tax Perks: Here's a bonus – the interest you pay on your home equity loan might be tax-deductible. That means you could save some money come tax time if you use the loan for home repairs or to buy another property.

  • Income Potential: Another benefit is that buying a second home could become an additional source of income. You could rent it out on platforms like Airbnb or VRBO and make some serious cash on the side.

So, what's the bottom line?

Utilizing your home equity to purchase another home could be a wise decision. It's easy to do with a home equity loan, and it could even save you money on taxes. Plus, you could end up with a new income stream if you rent out your second home.

Ready to make that dream of owning a second home a reality? Let Loan Factory help you explore your home equity loan options and determine the available cash. It might be more doable than you think!

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